Welcome to my site which groups all my stop motion videos.
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I started stop motion early 2017, just like that, by curiosity. At first it’s difficult, you just hang on and do your best… And not give up. But the pleasure of having « succeeded » a scene with 70 or 240 photos is worth to invest. And after weeks of work, at the time of posting on Youtube, a great satisfaction is always present, with the immediate desire to start on a new stop motion project.

I finally reach a goal at 30 years old. I’m a real scatterbrain so, stop motion is really positive for me because it requires so much rigor, concentration, imagination and dexterity. With this activity i don’t scatter elsewhere. Before, all that i undertook seriously did not last long because … Boredom. But the stop motion does not get tired me and I want to progress in this art.

Bonus for english readers only : My MBTI profil 🙂
In France MBTI is not popular, but this « test » helped me a lot, thanks to Isabel Briggs Myers! 

I was born in the bad century, actual society is configured for ESTJ profil. FUCK, 100% inadaptable.

I make all my videos with Adobe After Effect, today i master it correctly. Without this special effects software, stop motion would be much less interesting. It has become my favorite tool, everything i can imagine is realisable with it. I also use Photoshop, I have a limited knowledge about it, but all the tools I need are present.
I make my sets with everything around me, I just buy polystyrene to make walls. Watch the video Maximum Cell or Mortal Kombat, only DIY … Nothing professional, and it will stay that way, that’s my style.

vincent b-unik stop motion décor diorama

vincent b-unik dbz dragon ball z

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diorama stop motionvincent b-unik